Are you curious about what to expect?


Look forward to finding the roadmap to level with yourself and make your marriage happy!

“Leveling” simply means you set aside how your marriage is now, and step into how you want it to go instead. No football team ever won the Super Bowl by thinking about their last game when the coin was tossed.


To get an accurate view of your world – probably in a very different way than you have in the past – is a very important first step. You need to train yourself (as all very successful people, athletes and business people do) how set up a clear plan for your future. And that plan must be based on what you WANT, not what you don’t want.

Training comes in many forms. Besides one-at-a-time sessions, you also have a choice of three Coaching Programs.

  You can be very successful in any of them, depending on your goals and objectives for learning.

Here is what some couples who have gone through the programs have said:

“I had reached the end of my rope. I didn’t believe hope existed anymore to save my marriage of 10 years. By the grace of God, He put us in front of Julie. She gave us a new way of thinking that allowed our marriage to heal and become stronger than I ever imagined. I know we will make it.”        Kelly K.    Friendswood

“Incredible results in less than 30 days by implementing the Coaching Program. I’ve had a complete quality of life improvement.          J.P.   Friendswood

“I can’t thank you enough for having the insight and ability to help me and my wife in our marriage. After trying other counselors and other techniques, I believe your ideas will make the positive change we want in the future. My wife just a few weeks ago was dead-set on a divorce or throwing me out of the house. There was little hope.  Now for the first time there is hope.”                     Todd B.  Friendswood

Which Program might be best for you depends on a couple factors: how many changes you want to make; what kind of outcomes you want to accomplish in this training, and how much support you think you need to accomplish your goals. Of course we can discuss this with you in more detail when you’re here, but people usually have a pretty good “gut instinct” about what they need.

Most marriages can be fixed.  Often where they are happier and work better than they did before.

Divorce, while a necessary option for some, is not necessary in the majority of circumstances.

Further, we believe that the traditional “therapy” model of analyzing the past and focusing on the negative emotions, thereby keeping people stuck in the same patterns of defeat has been a catastrophic failure, even contributing to the enormous divorce rate in this country. This is NOT how human happiness and relationship excellence happens.

More importantly, repairing a marriage takes certain skills, values and perspectives that many people simply haven’t learned, didn’t see in their own families, or just don’t know yet.  That doesn’t mean they need or deserve a derogatory label or a psychiatric diagnosis.

For couples who want a more intensive and interactive “training & education” approach to fixing their relationship, we offer 3 Coaching Programs. They are each designed to give you a lot of informaiton, feedback and homework to quickly get to the heart of what you want to change, learn or improve. They include private meetings, written material, audio program(s), book(s), hypnosis and relaxation session(s). Meetings are designed to present certain material and accomplish specific objectives, and are therefore not based on number of minutes in the appointment, but are geared to satisfy the learning objectives for that meeting. To have the most helpful exerience, clients should come with an open mind, ready to take in new perspectives and take action on that information.

Each program includes meetings which are scheduled compactly, as well as meetings that are scheduled further apart in time so you have the opportunity to put what you’ve learned into practice, then come back in for any adjustments or refinements that you might need.

Introductory Coaching Program:   

2 once a week meetings

1  monthly follow up meeting

Designed for to introduce a few of the basic concepts of fixing your relationship issues, experience selected techniques for change to determine if further training would be useful. If so, entrance into one of the standard programs would follow.

Short Coaching Program:   

5 once or twice a week meetings

3 follow-up meetings spread out over 2-3 months

Ultimate Coaching Program:   

8 once or twice a week meetings

6 follow-up meetings spread out over 4-6 months

Each Program has outcome-based assignments, projects and homework to do in between meetings to enhance your learning and give you lots of tools for change right away. These are completely customized to your particular situation and what you have decided to change. The Programs also include hypnosis, the use of NLP techniques, some very powerful audio programs, written material and books.

By getting together more intensely in the beginning, then spreading out the meetings, you have the opportunity to practice what you’ve learned independently and we can assess your mastery of the new perspectives and skills as we go along.

People often ask about our “success rate”. The fact is many people accomplish substantially more than they expected. Some less so. Your results are always 100% dependent on how much effort you put forth in acquiring and then practicing the new information.

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now – and make a brand new ending.”                                         —Carl Bard