Does your company or organization need an expert on relationships? Training in communication for success and achievement? Removing the common blocks to personal growth and excellence?

"When we at News Radio 740 KTRH have a story assignment about current events or relationships, JULIE NISE is our go to person. Whether it is husband/wife, mother/daughter, father/son, Millennials, neighbors, friends...Julie brings an especially insightful perspective to each interview. Accessible, engaging, warm and funny, Julie is a resource we could not do without."
- Nikki Courtney  - Anchor/Reporter - KTRH, Houston

Call (850) 502-5519 for a no-charge, personal conversation with Julie about the issues you face or the changes you'd like to make with your group, team or company and together, brainstorm the perfect program or speech to create a powerful learning with insights the audience can take with them.

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