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What if you could: 

            ~ Improve communication  

            ~ Stop arguing

            ~ Rebuild trust



Discover how Relationship Training can teach you how to      talk to each other again... really be heard.... and give you the proven skills to resolve old disagreements, restore trust and create a happier, 

more stable relationship. Whether you're married, engaged, living together or dating... every stage can be redesigned so you get closer, stronger and happier.

Most relationships are struggling for two basic reasons. One happens when you don't know to expect the changes and phases that will evolve throughout your relationship. The second reason is when you're out of options... you don't have the skills or perspectives to do things differently or better... so you end up stuck, arguing about the same things over and over again, killing romance and fun.

 And here's the thing: you're going to need to learn how to manage the normal relationship changes and find the skills it takes to be happy and successful in any relationship you're in, otherwise the same problems happen to you over again in the next one. (That's why second marriages fail at higher rate than first ones.) 

 This training is advanced, results-oriented and no-nonsense. It's been proven with thousands of couples, designed to give you lots of useful insights, practical new techniques, and specific suggestions and tips you can put into practice right away so your situation can change     quickly. Then you can make a solid decision whether to stay or go. And if you stay, learn how to fall back in love.


    The first step is talk to Julie, and determine if you can be accepted into this advanced training and that it will work in your situation.  

                   Then make an appointment to start                        reimagining your future! 


What Can I Expect… How Does This Work?

"I had reached the end of my rope. I didn't believe hope existed to save my marriage of 10 years. Our marriage healed and is stronger than I ever imagined."




Probably yes... if you're willing to be open to feedback and training so you can change whatever isn't working.

Saving a marriage starts with a decision to repair it.  Then, be curious about discovering better perspectives, new options and different behaviors that can dramatically improve your responses to each other, and therefore the outcome of your relationship 

Finally, sincerely and consistently implement the specific actions and suggestions that will produce the change you want.

The old habits or unuseful patterns, and even the structure of your relationship, probably need to change. Often when a marriage is on the rocks it's because there's so much focus on the past, holding on to resentments, and mega competition about who's right. That sparks constant argument and debate, and often ends up in divorce court simply   because you just don't have good communication and problem resolution skills. But they can be learned.

The fist step to success in this Training is to RESOLVE any issues and negative feelings still hanging around from the past that are in the way, so we can then turn our attention to your goals and the future.  Old issues will be fixed and worked out so you have a clear path forward. Success happens when you're in "genius thinking" about how you want things to go next, not analyzing the past, staying hurt and constantly complaining because you feel misunderstood.


"Within minutes of our first meeting, I felt hopeful that we could have a marriage filled with happiness...that we are both proud of."  


                                                                                           - E.T.



If it seems like nothing you do makes her happy,      you're in the same situation a lot of guys are, and          probably stuck in a pattern where you don't                 understand what she needs from you so              you always get it wrong.                    

   One major cause of that is you've lost sight of your very important leadership role.


Most men find it helpful to learn what women find attractive or challenging in the first place, and -  surprise - it isn't that you continually agree with them no matter what.  


Another issue is society has convinced us that the more like women men are, the better, and that masculine characteristics and perspectives are inherently wrong. The opposite is actually true.  

Women’s attraction strategy to men is based mostly on challenge. Understanding how to keep that challenge thriving while improving your leadership talents will put things on a happy foundation that both of you will like a lot better. 

Trying even harder to give in or be a"nice guy"won't help. Getting mad, yelling, pouting, or pulling away won't either. Letting her emotions decide how things go is almost always a trap.

Stop feeling like a failure and that you just can't figure this out. Lots of men have learned how to adjust their approach with much better outcomes.        

Time to take control, find out what works, and get rid of what doesn't

"She quickly helped me pinpoint the issues I needed to fix...the improvement in myself has been amazing. I am very thankful."


                                                                                          - M.G.


Many people wonder, “will my marriage last?” 

With first marriages failing at a staggering 60% rate, clearly the answer to that question is, “probably not” if you duplicated the relationship patterns you saw your parents use in your childhood, or you haven't improved your relationship skills since high school. If that describes your situation, you're managing your marriage like 60% of the other people do.


Time to consider a fresh look. It's ok if we don't do things like Mom or Dad think we should; you need to create your OWN patterns and ways of loving and communicating. It’s time to face facts and realize that being happy and successful in a committed relationship takes certain skills, understandings and choices that are right for the two of you, based on how you want YOUR relationship to go.

   Marriages go through phases and stages... it's not ever supposed to stay the same. And that's normal. But it can feel like a crisis if you don't know what to expect and how to respond.


That high-drama "in love" infatuation phase in the beginning of a relationship is thrilling and lots of fun, but it always gives way to the next evolution of feelings. That doesn't automatically mean boredom or lack of excitement have to happen... but it does mean that needs, priorities and preferences do shift, and responding resourcefully to those changes is the key to  staying happy... otherwise you could find yourself going from romance to roommates.


"She quickly helped me pinpoint the issues I needed to fix...the improvement in myself has been amazing. I am very thankful."


                                                                                         - S.R.



Are are 10 proven Tips for Success... you'll actually learn a lot more in your Training, but these can get you started!


Here's What You Need To Know To Get Here

This three story blue and orange brick building is easy to find because it has a giant gazebo in the front yard.

We are on the left side of South Palafox Street, as you head south toward the water.


Park for free on Palafox - right in front of the building.  After you park, come in the main entrance that faces Palafox.


About ten steps in, there is an elevator to your right. Take it to the second floor.


When the elevator doors open, you will be facing a large wood double door. Enter there.


Turn left and go around the large desk and up three small stairs.


There are office suites that go around to the office is suite 200 L.


There is a small table outside my door, which will have a clipboard on it with the new client paperwork. If you come early you can fill that out and be prepared when we start. It only takes about 2 minutes.

Be ready to tell me what your top 2 most important goals are... what you most want o fix, change or do differently.

Julie Nise

With almost 20 years experience working with over 8000 clients.

Meet Julie Nise, Relationship Trainer



A completely different way of fixing your relationship that doesn't keep you stuck in the past. It's called training.

Training isn't new... but using it to fix relationships is. It turns out that you don't need to analyze every bad thing that happened to you, cough up all that childhood junk, and talk about every painful emotion you ever felt. That actually makes things worse. And, you know that if you've been down the traditional routes of getting help.

What needs to happen is that you learn the lessons of your past, (there are no mistakes in life - only feedback you learn from) and take those positive learnings forward with you in ways that will help.  You're not supposed to drag resentment and hurt feelings along.  Let go, forgive and take pressure off so you can move forward. And it doesn't take a long time to make big improvements if you want to, and you learn how.

Whether in sports, business, academic or professional settings, all training works the same way. You decide on your goals, then practice what you're taught in training/school until you master the new skills that create success.

Couples can do amazing things when they get new perspectives or capabilities that will work better their situation.  My job is to interrupt the destructive patterns that keep you stuck and give you lots of new choices, tips, suggestions and specific steps. To change the future, you have to put your awareness on the future and what you will do differently to get a different result.

My proudest accomplishment is that I am happily married (!) to a wonderful former Naval Aviator and we live in beautiful Pensacola Florida.  My background is that I spent 20 years in corporate America in high-tech medical device sales management before switching careers mid-life and becoming a licensed marriage & family therapist. I hold two licenses in Texas, one in Florida.  After that "traditional"education, I found hypnosis, NLP, and my own mentor, and started my real education in human change work. It turns out that change is not an intellectual process and is accomplished best when selecting and implementing a well-formed outcome, not complaining about what you didn't like/don't want. 


As my faith-based clinic became larger and the number of people I saw grew, I began to see the patterns and common relationship traps where people get stuck navigating the predictable changes and phases of their relationship.  I am very honored to share the experience of change that rekindles romance, strengthens family bonds, and makes people happy.

"The most powerful thing you can do to change the world is to change your own beliefs about the nature of life, people, reality, to something more positive…and begin to act accordingly."

~ Shakti Gawain, from Creative Visualization



     "What I offer is relationship training. I work with couples (married, single or engaged) who need to learn how to communicate better, resolve disagreement, rebuild trust and regain romance. Whether you saw good skills and stable marriages when you were growing up doesn’t matter. You can learn how to do that now. And the good news is those skills and abilities aren't a mystery. There are common things – behaviors and attitudes – that make a successful relationship. People who want help with their relationship usually think of traditional counseling or therapy. The problem is, talking about what happened in your childhood, all your negative emotions, and rehashing old history often makes things worse between you.


      To improve, fix or change something, I don’t believe there is any real ‘counseling’ or ‘therapy’. There is only training and education so you can resolve the problem."

700 South Palafox St.,

Suite 200 L,
Pensacola, FL 32502

Phone: (850) 502-5519

By Appointment Only

Monday - Friday


Areas We Serve
Pensacola, West Pensacola, Gulf Breeze, Milton, Pace, Cantonment, Perdido Key, Perdido Beach, Pensacola Beach, Bellview, Navarre, Fort Walton Beach, Mary Esther, Niceville, Valparaiso, Destin, Fairhope, Spanish Fort, Foley, Daphne, Gulf Shores, Orange Beach


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